Our Story

Family, Friends, Food.

These are the three things we value at FINS Grill and Icehouse.

Established in 2005 FINS has become a family favorite for visitors traveling to Port Aransas. The vision behind FINS is to provide families with a fun place to eat on the water while also serving some of the freshest seafood on the island. Our menu consists of fresh seafood from the Gulf of Mexico, 100% Angus beef burgers, and specials that are crested to satisfy all tastes and palates.


Why FINS Is A Must

For The Kids

We have a kid friendly menu selection, an under sea mural of fish and local boats, and the opportunity to see real life pirates as they disembark on the mighty Red Dragon that is parked behind FINS.

For The Adults

We have an amazing full bar that is constantly serving some of the best drinks on the island as well as a Palapa waiting area where you can listen to live music in the evenings.

All these factors come together in creating the atmosphere the owners envisioned in 2005, and the great food keeps customers coming back as they eat at one of Port Aransas’ must stop places to eat FINS Grill and Icehouse.